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Premier Pet travel

Premier Pet Travel was founded in 2008 and is directed by Lucy and her husband James. Both are owners and lovers of animals that make pet welfare their priority, just as Lucy has extensive previous experience in the pet travel industry, which makes it a successful and knowledgeable business. Premier Pet Travel, a registered IATA Cargo agent, is located near the Malaga airport on the Costa del Sol.

With more than 20 years of experience in pet care and travel, we offer an unparalleled individual and personalised service that will eliminate the worry and effort to move your pet so you can enjoy your trip and await their arrival. With Premier Pet Travel you can be rest assured that all your pet’s needs will be taken care of. We have handled the export and import of animals for many years to and from the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States, Australia, South Africa, the Far East and South America.

We can also take care of all the veterinary requirements of your pets if needed so they can travel anywhere in the world.

Lucy Premier Pet Travel

Meet Lucy

Lucy has literally decades of experience in the pet care industry, even before Premier Pet Travel was formed. Prior to Premier Pet Travel, she and her brother ran a successful kennels and pet travel business just outside of Malaga.

‘My brother decided after 20 years that he wanted a change of lifestyle, so we sold the business’ lucy explains. ‘With many of our old clients contacting us we decided to start up again and so with my husband James, we started Premier Pet Travel.

We both have a love of animals and having had many dogs and cats of our own, understand the clients who are sometimes nervous shipping their pets with companies they might not know. Being a small family run business we ensure that we have contact with our clients from enquiry to delivery of their pets.

Meet James

When James started Premier Pet Travel over 10 years ago with Lucy, he was excited to be able to offer pet owners the benefit of their combined love of animals and to be able to transport their pets to anywhere in the world.

His love of Pets, driving and travel was the perfect combination to be able to offer the popular road transport for their clients to and from the UK and other parts of Europe.

As word spread and the company grew, so did assisted travel for our four-legged clients to many parts of the world. including USA, India, Japan and many other countries, so when we say from ‘door to door’, we mean literally!